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Bottle Unscrambler

Npack design and manufacturing some popular types of unscramblers, the base one and original one is the bottle turntable, and With the innovation and progress of technology, and the change of customer’s needs, we have produced a fully automatic bottle unscrambler. The user can choose the umscrambler according to their bottle types and capacity requirements. Shanghai Npack manufactures a full filling bottling line ,unscrambler is just a part of the line, And its Bottle Unscramblers is to sort, organize, orient and delivery bottles or containers into a single, upright and orderly , right direction onto your filling bottling production line. Whether your bottle is large or small, square or flat ,and or your production line is high speed or low capacity, or your product are pharmaceuticals, food sauce, beverage, cosmetics, or daily chemicals, Npack has a low or high speed bottle unscrambling system to reach your  production line needs. 

Bottle Turntable

Turntable is one type of unscrambler, it is  for feeding the bottles into the filling station or bottle cleaning station, it is a bottle sorting equipment,but need manually put the bottles on the table,only arranging the vertical standard containers or bottles.

automatic bottle unscrambler

The basic principle is to use the centrifugal force of the disc to make the bottle close to the outside of the circle, and then use the different characteristics of the bottom of the bottle and the mouth of the bottle to turn the mouth of the bottle downward. The disadvantage is that the capacity has a limit.

Bottle Turntable

The bottle elevator is an Auxiliary equipment of the bottle unscambler,it is for automatic feeding the bottles into the hopper of the unscrambler when its insufficient bottles or container inside. 

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