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Inline spindle capping machine

Universal spindle capping machines, each wheel driven by each motor

Rotary Capping Machine

Suitable for non stand well bottles

Tracking capping machine

40b/m, bottle non stop capping ,Torque adjustable

Pick&place Capping Machine

Specially design for the bottles or container with handle and PILFER PROOF CAP

ROPP Capping Machine

For Plastic and glass bottle Ropp capping

Cap Pressing&Snap Machine

Chain type pressing system, no need to change any parts for different size of bottles

Capping with Torque
Without Torque
Capping machine with torque adjustable is more popular than before, the capping is driven by a servo motor, and reasonable deisgn of capping head which will makes the capping perfect, without any damage of the bottle neck and caps itself. The torque is adjustable on the HMI, for different types of neck and cap screws which can set accordingly. Mostly using in the cosmetics, drugs products.
A normal motor or a cylinder to driven a cappign sytem, which can not adjust the torque on the HMI, the users only can adjust the motor speed or air pressure to change the power of the capping, this will cause some times the cap is tight , and some time is not enough tight, or even for some caps will be scrabbed, and the packaging Appearance looks not good enough. The packagings is good which will help customer to decide if they will buy your products or choose your competitor products.
Semi Automatic
Automatic capping machine consist of two parts, one part is automatic cap feeding system including cap elevator,cap vibrating plate,centrifugal disc and a spider robot system;another part is the capping system, the capping head mostly driven by a motor, the capping head can be different types depends on the cap design. the automatic capping machine can be combination with the filling machine, labeling machine to be a full automatic packaging line.
the semi automatic capping machine is without the cap automatic feeding system, it needs manually put the caps on the bottles, then put the bottles with caps under the capping station , then manually operation the system for automatic capping, it is a flexible capping machine but low efficient compare with the automatic one. the automatic capping parts are almost same with the automatic one.

NPACK produce most types of Capping Machine with motor driven and cylinder driven, we have linear and rotation types, control system can be PLC, emotion controller and even a spider robot system.No matter your caps are spray pumps, metal caps, rubber caps,or a wood corker, we have a capping machine solution for you.The user can choose the capping machine according to its cap and capacity. eg. a ROPP cap, we must use the ROPP capping machine, a metal jar cap we need to choose a twist off capping machine or a vacuum capping machine.