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Front&Back Labeling Machine

Servo System with double labeling heads

Labeling Machine

Npack mainly manufactured labeling machine series are the self adhesive labeling machinery,and we also offered the OPP labeling machine, hot glue labeling machine, wet glue labeling machine and label sleeving machine.Here we mainly introduce our sticker labeling machine.

Be it shaped square, round, oval or conical: our labeling machines will label almost any product. This includes also flexible containers, cartons, bags, packages, trays and pallets. We offer solutions for all sizes and surfaces – from glass, wood and plastic via paper and to steel. we make different categories of labeling machine by the labels, PVC label, self adhesive labels, OPP labels or paper labels, the labeling machine system is different, but function is almost same, efficient is no big difference, but the label cost is much big difference when you have a bulk production.

The affect is the cost and the outlook of the packaging, the self adhesive label for same size of label, the cost is more than double times than the OPP ,PVC, and paper labels, but the Appearance self adhesive label is most beautiful and popular.

Products Category

Self adhesive Labeling Machine

Printing and Labeling Machine

OPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine

Label Sleeve and Shrinking machine

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

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Self adhesive Labeling Machine

sticker labeling machine with all types , including automatic one, semi automatic

Printing and labeling Machine

instant printing, then labeling right away, tracing your products

OPP hot glue Labeling Machine

OPP labeling machine, efficient and lowest cost with high capacity

Label Sleeve and Shrinking machine

PVC or PE labels for sleeve and cutting shrinking

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Paper labels in pcs, paste wet glue and wrapping around on the bottles automatically

coming soon

coming soon

We make the labeling machine in above 5 types, but it is difficult for you to choose a suitable labeling machine, you can reference to below samples or you can send us an inquiry for  professional suggestions.

Jerry can Labeling machine

single or double side labeling , with self adhesive labels

Neck and top labeling machine

for neck and cap labeling with one label for seals function

Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

top and bottom labeling machine for box, carton or pouch

Three sides labeling machine

two or three sides labeling with one labels

wrapping around Labeling Machine

round bottle body labeling ,orientation for option

Tube Labeling Machine

tube paste a self adhesive label before tube filling and sealing.

lipstick labeling machine

labeing stickers on top of caps

neck and body labeling machine

neck and body labeling machine mostly for wine and condiment bottles

Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

Box,carton corner labeling machine

syringe labeling machine

automatic syringe labeling machine high speed

carton labeling machine

application for carton labeling front side, back side, top or corner

pouch labeling machine

bags, pouch surface labeling

for different types of container or package, we offer the labeling solution accordingly.we offer automatic one labeler and semi automatic one.Labeling machine is a very mature technology products,only the design,Appearance ,parts proceesing and components are different.