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Liquid Weighing Filling Machine

5L to 30L Pail&Drum Liquid Weighing Filler

our liquid weighing filling machine is using in the fields of Chemical Industry,oil industry,Daily chemical industry,Food Industry,Semiconductor chip industry.

the main features

  1. automatic filling equipment, saving labor costs
  2. Safety and environmental protection, reduce pollution
  3. The barrel type covers 18L to 30L, and one machine can fill multiple barrels.
  4. for automatic filling machine,  usually 2-6 filling stations, filling speed up to 300-800 barrels/hour
  5. Suitable for large annual output, toxic and harmful, volatile chemical materials

from automation degree, we have semi automatic and automatic one, for different capacity , we have one filling heads, 2 filling heads, 4 heads and multi heads, filling range from 1L to 5L, 15L to 30L, 200L and 1200L IBC system.


NP-A25 Weighing Filling Machine

Fill Range: 5-30kg, Barrel :≤Φ350×h500, Division: 0.01kg, Power : AC380/50Hz, Accuracy: ≤0.1% Air: 0.4-0.8mpa, Speed:400-500can/h, IP Grade: IP 67

NP-S25 Semi Auto Weighing Filling Machine

Semi automatic equipment with 1 or 2 filling heads,filling range 15L to 30L

NP-A200 Weighing Filling Machine

Fill Range: 50-300kg, Barrel :≤Φ350×h500, Division: 0.01kg, Power : AC380/50Hz, Accuracy: ≤0.1% Air: 0.4-0.8mpa, Speed:150-180can/h, IP Grade: IP 67

NP-S1200 IBC Weighing Filling Machine

Filling 60L, 100L, and 200L,1200L drums and filling IBC and POLY TANK · Directly filling the drums stocked on the pallet · Resin, solvent, and varnish products

Main features of our liquid weighing filling machine

Suitable for quantitative filling of chemical industry, food, medical industry

The system uses PLC, touch screen, safe and reliable

Automatic barrels entering, filling and exiting without manual operation

Automatic 2-shift filling with high accuracy

The filling nozzle automatically lifts when it is not inserted into a barrel

The nozzle automatically lifts when reaching the target filling amount

Gross or net filling mode is available

Be able to set and store 30 groups of formula for use

Free to set target filling amount in order to be convenient for different packing

Filling with one button, easy to operate (manual operation mode available)

Automatic balance exceeding alarm and material supply control

Multi-windows display filling quantity, barrel quantity, total quantity, etc.

Automatic identification of empty barrel weight range and no barrel no filling

Optional configuration:

feed pump, reflux valve, filter, conveyor line, capping machine, stacking machine

Customized type:

dedicated type for foamed liquid, 2-shift or 3-shift automatic filling type,explosion-proof type


Frequently Asked Questions

The automatic weighing filling machine adopts the filling method of automatic weighing filling. The filling volume can be adjusted instantly, and the operation is simple. Just put the container on the conveyor chain, and transport the container to the filling station through the conveyor chain(the weigher and sensor is under the filling station), then it can be peeled and filled automatically. When the filling reaches the set weight, the valve is automatically shut off.

The choice of liquid weighing filling machine mainly depends on the following points

  • properties of liquids,oils, corrosive liquid, such as acid , or easy explosion liquid? or viscous liquid?
  • the filling capacity?
  • Filling Volume or container size
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