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Rotor Pump Filling Machine

Driven by servo motor, specially design for viscous liquid, sauce packagings

Pump Filling Machine

liquid pump filling machine is a type of liquid filler measuring the quantity by the pump,the most popular two types are the peristaltic pump and rotor pump. the peristaltic pump is mostly application for the thin liquid filling, mostly application in the fields of phmarceuticals, such as the eye drops,ear drops, syrups, oral liquid and so on; and the rotor pump is mostly application for the viscous liquid, such as shampoo, cream , sauce ,jam and grease.Both of those pumps are driven by motor, Npack using servo motor to driven the pump to ensure the filling accuracy, each pump driven by one individual servo motor, which can gurantee the accuracy , filling speed and easy adjustment, efficient and acceptable by users. 

we can compare the two types of pumps, then you can easy to understand and choosing accordingly.


Peristaltic Pump
Rotor Pump
it is suitable for vial bottle liquid filling, normally less 500ml, if more than 500ml, the filling capacity will not match the packaging line, and the cost will increase a lot. that means if you are liquids, GMP standard required , and filling less 500ml, then we can consider a Peristaltic pump liquid filling machine.
Rotor pump specially and excellent performance for pumping viscous liquid, and the filling range is more flexiable.Normally Npack rotor pump filler can filling from 100g to 5000g, this technicals is base on the rotor features. if you are sauce or viscous liquid, and required FOOD grade and easy cleaning, the rotor pump is a very suitable liquid filler.


Peristaltic Pump Liquid Filling Machine

for phmarceuticals liquids......

Automatic Rotor Pump Filling Machine

For Sauce, Jam, Honey Viscous liquid.....