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Npack Focus on Liquid Filler

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we can reserve any time for online techcnial&commercial support

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We started our business since 2011, focus on liquid filling from start to end

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Six Steps&Fields help you save cost and time

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Npack Filling Solution mostly application in the industry of Daily chemicals, Personal Care Products,Food sauce, Pharmaceuticals,Automotive oils, edible oils….. we have much experience in these six main fields,and trusted by our clients. it is an easy to communication and get a professional packaging solution and packaging technical supports.


Solution confirming

when we receive an inquiry from customer, important to know the details about requirements, bottle or container samples and the factory layout, then we will offer a professional quotation, normally takes less 5 days.



Npack strictly manufactured the bottling machines according to our offer, all the technicians worked in this fields more than 6 years, and more than 10 years in automation fields.And an effectively production system help us save production and guarantee machine assembly quality. 



every our machines will be tested before shipping, we will do the FAT, and send to our customer,it is not only a FAT documents, also including testing video, training video,operation video.Normally, we will running the machines in our factory more than 24 hours.



Shipping cost and time is a very important cost factor. Npack  offer not FOB terms, also with CIF and CIP.  and will help customer choosing the shipping agent.At this stage different shipping method and forwarders, the cost will be different.We have more than 15 years export experience, so we have some professional partners.



Good quality packaging of machine will Reduce the shipping risks.and the packaging will save your shipping cost, it will decide if booking a 20FC or 40FC or LCL. We have professional team do this job, they will make a drawing on a CAD to simulation loading a container.



 Service and quality are both important,most of our customers have a long term cooperation is base on the service and quality of the machines.if the budget is not big difference, 99% of the visitor will choose our machines and our service.We cooperated with Unilever since 2012 and Kimberly Clark since 2020.

shampoo, lotion, cream,detergent,liquid soap……

Facial cream,Toner,lipstick,essential oil……

tomato sacue, ketchup,mayonnaise,salad dressing……

Eye drops, ear drops, syrup,oral liquids

Automotive Oils Bottling Solution

car oils, engine oils, brake oil, lube oil……

corn oil,bean oil, olive oil……

Our Main Market

South America
Middle East
1000+ Happy Clients

During more than 10 years developed, we have more than 1500 happy clients in the fields of cosmetics, daily chemicals, Food industry and pharmaceuticals.

well, we cooperated with Npack automation more than 4 years, machine working stable and good service, and thanks Miss.Jessie good working.
Factory manager, Australia
hope a long term cooperation,and hope Npack growing faster.
Director,Korea Cosmetic Factory
we started cooperation with Npack since 2015, unitl now we have more than 10 filling lines from Npack
Rachel Harper
Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of peoples

10 top liquid filling machine manufacturer in China

Home There are many liquid filling machine manufacturers in China, it is difficult to choose by mind, when we search on google or on alibaba, we can find it is difficult to choose a right manufacturer.The number list on alibaba is around 400 manufacturers,when we sorting them by liquid bottling , then we will find it is less 200 manufacturers. 10 Liquid bottle equipments manufacturer list Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co.,ltd Wenzhou Echo Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tom Jiangsu Huituo Shanghai Teflon Hangzhou Yongchuang Guangzhou dayilong Jinagsu Newstar Shanghai Mohow Shanghai Iven

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what is liquid filling machine

What is a liquid filling machine? We call a liquid filling machine by sorting the viscosity,any flowing liquid from thin to viscous, and the machine for dispensing it as a liquid filler. There are many types of liquid filling machines that are used in all sorts of packaging industries. They are very important and they can be essential for a boost in efficiency and productivity. Their use is quite common in a large number of industries and these liquid filler solutions are an excellent investment

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